Explore the territory!

The vast natural heritage of this beautiful coast allows an interesting and varied program of excursions by land and by sea.
All to discover the rural and food and wine traditions.
Sport and activities in contact with nature, lively craftsmanship and luxuriant vegetation.

Mini-cruise Island of Giglio and Giannutri with lunch on board


A unique experience to discover the Island of Giglio and the Island of Giannutri, oases surrounded by a lovely sea of a thousand colors, aboard the “Revenge”, the largest motor vessel in Europe. A delicious fish-based lunch on board and a menu for your little ones completes the offer. The kitchen also offers Gluten Free menus.


Departure in the morning from Porto Santo Stefano. First stop: ISLAND OF GIGLIO (4 hour stop). Lunch on board. Second stop: ISLAND OF GIANNUTRI (1 hour and a half stop). Return to Porto Santo Stefano in the late afternoon.

Mini-cruise with departures from Castiglione della Pescaia and Talamone to the island of Giglio and Giannutri


Experience a day of excursions and the lovely sea of the Argentario, a mini-cruise with the motor vessel “La Superba” is truly a must. The boat has 300 seats and 10 crew members. Lunch can be booked “à la carte” or with “fixed price menus” directly after boarding.


Departure in the morning from Castiglione della Pescaia, stop for passenger boarding in Talamone. First stop ISLAND OF GIGLIO (2 and a half hour stop*). Lunch on board (optional). Second stop ISLAND OF GIANNUTRI (stop of 1 hour and a half). Return to Talamone and Castiglione della Pescaia in the late afternoon
*Should you so desire, you can also visit the Island of Giglio alone, and wait for the return of the motor vessel from Giannutri at about 5:00 pm.

Catamaran “Freccia del Giglio II” and the exclusive coves of Monte Argentario


The perfect excursion for sea lovers! The motor catamaran is a sort of sea playground, you can dive from any corner and it also has a sort of “liana” where, like Tarzan, you can dive into the wonderful waters of the Argentario and its coves, most of which can only be reached by sea

The vessel is equipped with mask, fins, snorkel and an apnoea jacket. You can swim exploring the marine life accompanied by the Commander who will answer all your questions.

Treasure hunting in the Argentario sea from Albinia
Discover the sea in a rubber dinghy with Nello


An excursion suitable for young and old, a new way to discover and experience the sea together with Nello, a real connoisseur of the Argentario seabed who still enjoys and is filled with awe at the underwater beauty of the local coves.

With a powerful dinghy, which can accommodate up to 20 people, you will reach the two sea bodies of water with the most breath-taking settings in this area: Cala Grande and Argentarola. On account of the variety and beauty of its seabed, visible to the naked eye, the latter is compared to the depths of the Red Sea.

Cycling holidays with bathroom in Collelungo in Alberese
Cycling in the Uccellina Park


A ride “astride” a bicycle, with the fresh air blowing on your cheeks, accompanied by an Environmental Guide who will tell you about the history and interesting facts about the Uccellina Park, a marvellous and magical place.
Amid the mountains and the beach, a path through the fragrant Mediterranean scrub will lead you to a crystal clear sea, where you can enjoy a swim far from the tourist crowds. On your return journey you will take a different path where you will see the Maremma cows grazing with their calves. Crossing the Pineta Granducale you will see the Maremma Bull grazing, a veritable colossus weighing 1200 kilos, the closest relative to the Uro, a wild bovine dating back to ancient Roman times, now extinct.

Show of Maremma Butteri in Alberese with a visit to the animal farm and a typical Maremma dinner


Maremma, a land of a thousand resources. Surely one of the most exclusive locations in this area is Alberese, on account of the Uccellina Park.

Attend the performance of the Italian Cow Boys, the Butteri, who will show you how to rope cattle, first with cows, then with horses, a much more difficult task given their well-known agility. At the end of the performance, the little ones can have their first ride.

At the end of the performance you can enjoy a delicious dinner with typical dishes and wine from the Maremma territory: first course combo, such as an excellent tomato soup, meat and sausage grilled on the spot, with a side dish and dessert.

Scooters in Maremma


The island of Giglio, Duna della Feniglia, Laguna di Orbetello, Albinia, the scenic route of Monte Argentario and Fortezza Spagnola, the itineraries of this breathtaking trip!

Cycling is one of the best ways to discover the Maremma, to take in the landscape and nature, which dominates much of the territory with its Mediterranean scrub.
With a full battery, you can travel 50 km and discover every hidden nook, and event treat yourself to a swim in the sea between one tourist visit and another.

Walks and trekking for experts and beginners


Don’t miss out on the fantastic walking itineraries in the wildest Maremma, where you can be in close contact with nature. The walks can last from a minimum of one hour to one or more days with expert guides and companions. The treks are open to everyone, children and adults, experts or beginners.

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